Monday, May 18, 2009

Debbie Bliss' Pleated Wrap

This gorgeous, beautifully draping wrap was our first project of the week. So many of you jumped in and got started on this easy-to-knit project in an incredible variety of yarns and colors. It's been so much fun watching these creations grow before our very eyes!

The pattern is well written and very easy to follow. The only place where there has been some confusion is just how to tell where you are if you leave off without counting the rows as you do them.

Suggestion #1: Count the rows as you go and get familiar with the simple 8-row repeat. Count to 8 and start again!!!

Suggestion #2: If you just don't feel like counting rows, then get familiar with the pattern so you can tell by looking where you left off. Row 1 is the first of 5 purl rows on the right side of the wrap. Row 6 is the first of 3 rows of purl on the wrong side of the wrap.

If all else fails, stop by the store and we'll get you moving again!


  1. I'm new to your blog and I live near San Diego, so I can't really get to your shop for classes. But I would love to learn how to do this wrap! Is there a place where I can get a how-to on this one? I'm new to knitting too :) thanks!!

  2. Welcome to iKnit! Sorry for the slow reply...I just figured out how to comment on my own blog!! =}

    This pattern is sold through the Vogue Knitting online store. Follow this link to purchase it.

    It's really not difficult at all once you get it going...just pay close attention to what row you're on.

    Good luck!!