Monday, May 18, 2009

The Playa Bag

This cute summer bag is our current "Project of the Week". Done on size 9 needles, it's a quick knit that gives you a little class in stitch's so much fun to knit up! Mine has gone very quickly...I should have the finished product in the store this week for everyone to check out.

Just a couple of tips with this one:

-Besides the edge stitches on the body of the bag, the 4 stitches at the beginning and end of each row are simply done in seed stitch. The instructions explain that, but they don't make it easy.

-The handle instructions give abbreviations for the cable stitches used, but there is no explanation in the pattern. Here is the definition of those stitches:

c5f - put next 3 stitches on a cable hook ,hold to the back, K2, K3 from cable hook.

c5b - put next 2 stitches on a cable hook, hold to the back, K3, K2 from cable hook.

Check out the picture above to give you a better idea of how the handle is constructed.

Have fun! And as always, please come on in if you need any help!!

**New notes: I finished this bag...quick and easy!! Just a couple of things...don't let the handle directions freak you out! You're basically creating a double handle which will be folded in half for extra stability. I chose to single crochet around the complete outer edge of the handle, as well as the inside edge for a neater look.

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